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A few words about us

SR18 Sàrl is a Swiss company specialized in the construction of high-end and sustainable housing.

Combining innovative design and cutting-edge technologies, SR18 creates aesthetic, energy-optimized and weather-resistant constructions with the least possible impact on the environment.

Having an environmentally friendly approach, wood is used as the basis for most projects.

Listening to its clients and their needs, SR18 considers each project managed in a global way: from planning with our architect to the reception of the turnkey object. And we guarantee that it will be completed on time and on budget.


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Finalised projects

Our constructions


Construction of modern and functional residential villas using natural materials and with an environmentally friendly approach.

Residentials buildings

Construction of modern residential buildings using natural materials and with an environmentally friendly approach.

Commercial buildings

Construction of functional commercial buildings using natural materials and an environmentally friendly approach.

Our references

“SR18 managed the project for the development of our villa in a very professional manner and within the imposed deadlines. A dynamic team that listens to its clients’ needs.”

S. D.

“The villa which was built on the site of La Praz is simply magnificent and very pleasant to live in. Its architecture is functional, yet modern. We are happy to live there.”

F. L.

“The villa construction project started by creating plans with SR18 architect. Innovative, functional and using natural materials, the result meets our expectations.”

D. R.

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